A form for volunteers offering to assist

AABR is Australia’s peak body of qualified and experienced bush regenerators, whether professional or volunteer.

We are calling on AABR members and supporters (including councils, businesses and other organisational members) to consider whether they might be able to contribute some time to the volunteer effort over the next 6-12 months.

There are many ways you can help, but we are particularly seeking people who can give of their expertise to inform under-supported land managers and private landholders in high priority fire-affected areas about post-fire weeding so that they can better secure recovery of faunal habitats.

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* 1. We will require your contact details to get in touch with you.

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* 2. Please confirm you are happy for AABR to share your contact details to those we match you with who require assistance. We will put you in touch directly with them to continue discussions and finalise any agreements.

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* 3. Are you a trained and experienced regenerator willing to provide assistance to managers of a post-fire bushland site – or do you have other skills and wish to help in some other way? (Select any that apply)

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* 4. Do you have AABR Accreditation?

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* 5. What description best fits your bush regeneration experience?

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* 6. What skills do you have?

What happens next?

When we have a database of volunteers we can then match volunteers to those in need.
Only suitably trained and experienced bush regenerators will be matched to sites needing assistance.* 

We will be prioritising high conservation sites whose managers have a capacity to provide the logistic support to the volunteers. In some cases these may be individual landholders while in others it may be organisations with whom AABR is collaborating (be it a local government, a state agency or an NRM group).

Once we have matched the volunteer to the recipient we will leave the parties to make their own arrangements.

*Upon registration we will contact you for details about what you feel you can offer.
If you want to guide landholders but are not already an AABR-accredited bush regenerator we will first need to validate your quals and experience.