AAAS is working with Karen Peterman Consulting, Co. to develop several new scales for scientists who do public engagement with science (PES) activities. Your answers to the questions below will be used to help us validate a scale that measures scientists' plans to continue doing PES in the future. Thank you for helping us with this step in the development process. After answering these items, you will have the chance to share your contact information if you would like to receive the results from our work with this scale. 

* Which role describes your current job? Click here to review AAAS's definitions of each.

* Have you conducted a PES activity in the last 12 months?

* What topic(s) did your most recent PES activity cover?

* AAAS has defined four types of PES activities. Which activity type describes your most recent PES best. Click here to review the AAAS definitions.

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