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1. Chase Fine Arts Center - Facility Satisfaction Survey

1. Is the Fine Arts Center open when you need to use it?

2. If not, when are the times you are locked out?

3. If this presents a problem for you, please give us feedback.

4. In your opinion is the building adequate for you needs? (i.e. rehearsal space, accessibility, etc.)

5. If the building does not meet your needs, please explain.

6. Do you feel the building is a welcoming place for people who are not required to spend all of their time here?

7. If not, how could it be improved?

8. At your first exposure with the Fine Arts Complex, could you easily find your way around the building?

9. If not, how could we make the building more user friendly?

10. Do the performance spaces sufficiently accommodate your needs?

11. If not, how could they be improved?

12. If someone handed you money to improve the building, on what would you spend it?

13. What areas of the Fine Arts Complex would you most like to see improved?