Welcome to the Urasenke Midorikai Alumni Association (UMAA) survey. We look forward to receiving your valuable ideas and to sharing the results with all of you.

Please note: items marked with * are essential to the survey.

If you would prefer to send in a paper copy of the survey, please print and mail it to:
2143 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA  94133

Survey takes approximately 5 minutes to fill out.

* 1. Last Name

* 2. First Name(s)

* 4. Name at time of Midorikai attendance (if different from above)

* 5. Email address

* 7. When did you attend Midorikai?

* 8. Current Country of Residence

* 9. Current Mailing Address

* 10. Telephone number (country code + area code + number)

* 11. Website

* 12. Which regional Tankokai are you a member of?

* 13. What is your current tea teacher's name?

* 14. Are you currently teaching tea?

* 15. What is your current level of qualification (kyojo)?

* 16. Chamei (if received)

* 17. This year, 2015, marks the 45th year since the founding of Midorikai. How shall we express gratitude to Daisosho sama and Oiemoto sama?

* 18. Where should a 45th Anniversary Reunion be held?

* 19. If in Kyoto, when would you prefer that a Reunion be held?
Please note: all are tentative.
Please rank your choices from 1 (first choice) to 4 (last choice).

* 20. Would you attend a 45th Anniversary Reunion?

* 21. Would you like to volunteer to help organize a 45th Anniversary Reunion?

* 22. If you cannot attend a 45th Anniversary Reunion would you still like to somehow be involved?
e.g., creating a commemorative photo album, okashi English recipe book with contributions by Midorikai alumni, art exhibition submission, thank-you gift for Hounsai Daisosho sama and Zabosai Oiemoto sama, etc.

* 23. What sort of activities would interest you at a 45th Anniversary Reunion?
(Please suggest as many additional activity ideas as possible!)

Please note: cost of participation in Reunion will depend on participant numbers and activities offered.

* 24. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions related to the possibility of a 45th Anniversary Reunion?

* 25. Our current website is www.midorikai.org. We will be redesigning the website soon--what functions would you like to see included on the site? (For privacy reasons, these functions might be in a password-protected area of the site, accessible only to other UMAA members.)

* 26. What sort of activities would you like to see the Urasenke Midorikai Alumni Association (UMAA) do internationally?

* 27. Would you like to see regional UMAA groups?
e.g., UMAA of Finland, Russia, USA, Brazil, etc.

* 28. Would you be interested in participating in a regional UMAA group?

* 29. Would you be willing to organize a regional UMAA group in your area?

* 30. What sort of activities would you like to see a regional UMAA group do locally in your area?

* 31. Do you have any other additional comments and suggestions for UMAA?