* 1. Do you think the name 'Lake Highlands Drive' should extend north and replace the existing name 'Plano Road'?

* 2. How much of 'Plano Road' should be renamed 'Lake Highlands Drive'?

* 3. Do you own or rent property that has a Plano Rd address in the City of Dallas?

* 4. Do you own or rent property that directly borders Plano Rd in the City of Dallas, but is addressed from another street?

5. If you answered yes to either of the previous [Q3 & Q4] two questions, what is the primary use of the property?

* 6. What is your ZIP code? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 75238)

* 7. How many years have you lived in the Greater Dallas area?

* 8. How is the boundary of Lake Highlands defined?

9. Additional Comments.