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Teacher/School Library Staff Evaluation for JCLS Booktalk Program

Please take a moment to answer this quick survey so that we may continually improve our booktalk program.

1. What months of the school year would work best for your school (class) for booktalk sessions? Check all that apply.

2. My students are more enthusiastic about reading as a result of the booktalk program.

3. This is a program I would schedule again.

4. The titles presented were appropriate for the age group and for our school.

5. The booktalk presentation was well organized and provided information about the public library.

6. The program was easy to schedule.

7. School Name and Comments:

Janis Mohr-Tipton Outreach To School-Age Children Booktalk Program, jmtipton@jcls.org
Jackson County Library Services 205 S. Central Avenue, Medford, OR 97501