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Read each of the statements in the table below. Select the circle in the column that best describes how characteristic each statement is when applied to you. Be sure to answer every question. Be honest and complete in your responses.

Use the following scale:
A: Very unlike me
B: Somewhat unlike me
C: Neither like me nor unlike me
D: Somewhat like me
E: Very much like me

  Very Unlike Me (A) (B) (C) (D) Very Like Me (E)
1. I'm good at keeping promises, especially ones I make to myself.
2. When I take on a difficult job I make a point of sticking with it until it is complete.
3. I have a lot of self-motivation.
4. I'm good at making decisions and standing by them.
5. I work harder than most of my friends.
6. Sometimes I push myself harder than I should.
7. I like to take on jobs that challenge me.
8. Whenever I reach a goal I set a higher one.
9. I can persist in spite of failure.
10. I have a strong desire to achieve.
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