1. Should Barry O'Farrell recall parliament early to deal with this crisis?

2. Should Barry O’Farrell return early from his summer holidays to address the coward punch issue?

3. Should mandatory minimum sentencing be introduced for violent assaults and coward punches?

4. Should drug and alcohol testing be taken once a person is charged with assault?

5. Should the Newcastle lockout plan be expanded to Sydney’s bars and nightclubs?

6. Should late night transport be increased in Sydney?

7. Should pubs and clubs stop serving alcohol 30 minutes before closing?

8. Do you think the State Government has done enough to deal with the issue, and if not why?

9. The responsible service of alcohol course, required for pub and club staff, can now be completed online, does this make the test too easy to pass?

10. Should the online Responsible Service of Alcohol course be scrapped and return to an in person test?