The Division of Agriculture is interested in hearing from meat processers who may be interested in expanding their operation to include USDA accreditation, increasing processing, and/or providing a USDA slaughter facility. The Board of Agriculture and Conservation will be discussing how to transition from Mt. McKinley Meat & Sausage from a state owned USDA facility to private sector. Please complete the survey below by May 30th, 2014.

1. Are you a meat processor?

2. If yes, where is your operation located?

3. Are you USDA approved?

4. If no, are you interested in becoming a USDA approved facility?

5. If no, why not?

6. Do you process year round?

7. Do you process only game animals at a certain time of the year?

8. If yes, during what months?

9. Do you process Alaska Grown products?

10. What Alaska Grown product do you process?

11. What Alaskan Grown products would you like to have access to that you currently do not?

12. Do you have a market for Alaska Grown product?

13. If yes, can you meet the demand of the market?

14. Do you utilize a USDA slaughter facility within the state?

15. Do you utilize Mt. McKinley Meat and Sausage (MMM&S)?

16. If yes, for what services? Check all that apply.

17. What is your primary market? Check all that apply.

18. Would you be interested in owning/operating a USDA slaughter facility?

19. Would you be interested in utilizing a privately owned USDA approved facility?

20. Would you be interested in joining a co-op that owned/operated a USDA facility?

21. Would you be interested in participating in a teleconference/meeting to further discuss the items/issues above?

22. If interested in participating in a teleconference/meeting how may we contact you?