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1. How often do you throw away recyclables in your dorm/dorm room?

2. Have you thrown away any of these items in the past week? (check all that apply)

3. What dorm do you live in, and where is the nearest large recycling bin to your dorm?

4. If Denison participated in a dorm vs dorm recycling competition in which the winner receives a significant prize, would you recycle more?

5. Do you feel like you have an adequate knowledge about the campus's recycling program? (What counts as wet/dry/waste?)

6. How often do you throw something away that possibly could be recycled due to confusion of where to put it? (Wet, dry, waste)

7. If a recycling competition between dorms was held, what prize for the winner would best motivate you to recycle more?

8. If you mentioned "other" to the previous question, elaborate here.