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This survey covers additional items added by users to the first Survey.

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Better zones. With "grips". This is convenient when you have zones sharing points.
From RI EDIT menu: An built-in RI masking tool.
Better Documentation on how all things work. Binder to up grade as new spins come out.
Better custom door and window manipulation.
Interactive objects and tables - changes to table would change drawings - door size and other attributes for instance
Curved smart walls - that is - NOT segments.
Spell check!
Same dashed line in 2 different viewports with 2 different scales still display and plot the same on paper.
Right-click menu options on entity selection.
In the plot menu when a new sheet size is selected it also sets "Fit to Page". I almost never want that to happen. The result is many wasted plots at least in our office. I'd prefer to have to make that selection separately.
Creating exterior elevations with models, viewporting elevations to sheets, changing viewport elevations changes model elevations or changing model elevations changes viewport elevations
Neutral file import and export to other softwares for steel detailing.
Supported CAFM plug-in
Polygons: Premade primary shapes to select from.
Share details with other offices by a by having a data base on line we could take form and add to.
Better fonts (well I am in 8.3) and font availability.
Smaller menu buttons - we've all gone to larger monitors and the buttons are taking up too much screen real estate
Improve trim / extend with fence to choose lines to trim / extend - easier than current multiple function.
Named plots
Where layers are created should always be the users choice!
Having sketch-up type functions in Arris modeling.
*Option* to select GUI that is similar to 95 percent of all commmercial software. Smaller icons, user selectable toolbars, More drawing space.
Text masking: seperate from notes but works like it where text can pop out.
Documentation on how Sketch up works with arris. If you are generation construction documents on a daily basis there is no time to fish for how thing work. We need Documentation. you can have all the bells and whisles, but if you live on an arris island somewhere the US all along how do you economically find out how things work? If you live in Denver instead of Detroit, Oh when did you have the last convention in Detroit, Toledo, Chicago?
Improve EZ - I have a whole list if you'd like it ;o)
Arris drawing to retain correct proportions when displayed full screen on a wide-screen monitor
Fix the block selection function in Drawing Manager.
lyup adjunct: A read only layer alert setting so we get told by Arris when someone has changed something on a read/only layer
If you I buy the latest up-grade. Why is there as mystery as to how I attach all my lib, text, menu preferences. If you are not a geek how do you do it? Six stations in our office and no one knows how.
Make EZ less quirky
More modern interface - but don't loose ability to customize