1. What types of training would you like to see provided by The Berwyn Public Library?

2. Would you also be interesting in attending sessions on these topics at The Berwyn Library where the speaker may be off-site and video will be streamed live? We hope to have interactive ability to ask questions of the speaker through chat or other device.

3. What days of the week are best for you to attend training?

4. What times are best for you?

5. Would be be interested in online self-paced training with a follow up forum at The Berwyn Library?

6. Would you be interested in attending a, "Lunch with a Librarian," program where you may bring your lunch and laptop (laptop not necessary) once a month to the library and we will set up a laptop and projector for an open computer lab to ask the librarian any computer or internet related questions, troubleshooting, etc?

7. On which of the following topics would you like to see the library purchase new books?