1. Josh Linkner's Monday morning keynote was...

2. Tamara Kleinberg's Tuesday afternoon Keynote was...

3. Reflecting on your experiences at R-Squared, including the content and activities, please indicate to what degree you agree with the following statements:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Unsure
I took risks.
The risks I took inspire me to be innovative.
I am more empowered to take risks.
I will encourage my organization to take risks.
I have a new understanding of creativity.
The creative activities I experienced inspire me to help my organization be more innovative.
I am a creative person.
The experiences helped me tap into new creative abilities or use my creativity in a new way.
I view my organization as a creative connector in the community.

4. How do you rate the relevancy of the iZones to your overall experience at R-Squared?

5. Which R-Squared Experience did you attend?

6. Did your Experience provide you with the tools you need to reinvent your library?

7. What, if any, reward(s) did you experience as a participant in your R-Squared Experience?

8. Is there a specific creative activity at R-Squared that stands out as most significant for you? Please explain its significance.

9. The conference tag line is “learn to take smart risks to move libraries forward.” How well did we do meeting this expectation?

10. What three adjectives would you use to describe the conference?

11. In what type of organization(s) do you work?

Thank you!