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The feasibility of living without a car depends partly on how close you are to the places you frequently go. Knowing the destinations people visit most often in their everyday lives will help us: 1) assign a "carfree viability rating" to an existing or proposed neighborhood, and 2) design successful new carfree places.

This survey contains only one question -- and marking the boxes for the answer will take only about 5 minutes.

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1. Indicate how many times per month you go to the following destinations.

Include trips you make to take children or older adults to their destinations. Exclude non-commute trips made as part of your job.

2. And now a little information about you, to help interpret the data.

3. Gender:

4. If you live in the USA, please enter your

5. Otherwise, please enter your

6. What is your occupation?

7. Enter the number of people in your household in the following age categories:

8. Annual household income (optional)
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9. What is the racial or ethnic mix in your household? (optional)
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