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1. What do you like most about MLBTradeRumors?

2. What do you like least about MLBTradeRumors?

3. Do you enjoy the interviews with various beat writers and (hopefully) baseball players?

4. Alright, let's settle this. Do you like the white on black color scheme of MLBTradeRumors?

5. Which of these other sites in our network do you visit at least once a week?

6. If I were to start a team website like AllCubs.com but for your team, would you check it out? I would use the same multiple author approach.

7. How could I make MLBTradeRumors.com better?

8. What is the #1 reason you visit MLBTradeRumors.com?

9. Where else do you get your trade rumors?

10. Did you or are you considering purchasing the 2007 RotoAuthority Fantasy Guide?

11. Would you like it if Tim Dierkes (author of MLBTradeRumors) carefully selected additional contributing writers?

12. Say Tim Dierkes publishes a new book about trades and/or free agency. Would you be likely to buy a copy?