1. Name:

2. Major:

3. Classification:

4. Organization Site:

5. Supervisor:

6. How did you locate your internship?

7. Please assess the overall performance of the Career Services Staff:

8. Please rate the following using the 1-5 scale, with 5 being the BEST:

  1-Poor 2-Fair 3-Satisfactory 4-Good 5-Best
This experience gave me a realistic preview of my field.
I was able to assume additional responsibility as my experience increased.
The work environment encouraged me to provide feedback and input.
I was treated on the same professional level as the other employees.
The work I did was challenging and stimulating.
My supervisor showed and explained other areas of the business to me.
I feel I am better prepared to enter the world of work after this internship.
I feel comfortable talking to my supervisor regarding problems encountered at work.
I feel a permanent job offer will develop from my internship experience.
I feel I can get a good reference from this company/organization.
Overall rating of internship experience.

9. Were you offered a job because on your Internship?

* 10. What were the most positive aspects of your internship?

* 11. In what ways could your internship have offered more value to you?

* 12. In what way have you changed as a result of this experience (i.e., new skills, self discoveries, career awareness, etc)

13. Please assess the performance of your site supervisor in the following areas:

  Did not meet expectations Met most expectations Met all expectations Exceeded expectations Greatly exceeded all expectations
Amount of supervision provided
Quality of supervision provided
Appropriate training provided

14. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your internship experience?