1. Bringing Home Baby:

The Transition to Motherhood in Adoptive and Non-adoptive families

International participants:
My apologies, but I am only seeking mothers who live in the USA to complete this survey in order to control (to the extent that I can) cultural variables.

Dear Mother(s),
My name is Mikhaila Rutherford and I am Master’s degree candidate in the Mills College Infant Mental Health Program. As part of my degree program, I am conducting a study to examine the adjustment process in mothers who are adopting a child for the first time and comparing these findings with mothers who have given birth to a biological child. I will also be asking you to examine the social nature of your child so I may determine what (if any) maternal experiences, feelings, and perceptions appear to play a role in child sociability from the ages of 12 months to 36 months (3 years). Please note that you must be a first-time mother and your child must CURRENTLY be between 12-36 months of age to be able to participate in this study. Adoptive mothers, please be aware that your child must have been living with you for at least 6 months before you participate in the present research.
To date very little is known about adoptive parents’ transitions into their caregiving role and this study can provide important information for families and child health care professionals as they prepare for and adjust to working with their family. Participation involves filling out an online questionnaire that deals with your past experiences of wanting to become a parent, levels of maternal stress, maternal perceptions of being a caregiver, and child characteristics. This research is supervised by Dr. Carol George Ph.D. Professor of Psychology at Mills College.
Please finish reading this form and click “Next” if you agree to participate. Answer all the questions, unless they are clearly not applicable to your personal situation/history. The survey questions should not take longer than 45 minutes to complete. If you do not have a large enough chunk of time a the moment, please return to this survey at a time when you are able to actually complete it. All answers will be strictly confidential; no names or other identifying information will be revealed when data is analyzed. Replies to the questions will be entered for analysis into a computer under a code number. This means that if an unauthorized person were to gain access they would be unable to identify any of your personal information, including your name. Any and all data that is printed will be kept in a locked filing cabinet in Dr. George’s developmental laboratory. No one but Dr. George and I will have access to this data.
Please be aware that your participation is completely voluntary and that you will not be penalized in any way if you fail to answer some or all of the questions.
If you would like to be sent a results summary of the study please provide your email address and/or mailing address so I may send them to you. If you have any questions I may be reached by email at mrutherf@mills.edu. You may also contact Dr. George at Mills College by phone, (510) 430-3268, or via email, george@mills.edu.

Those who complete this survey will be entered into a raffle to win one of several $50 gift cards to Amazon.com.

Mikhaila Rutherford
Department of Psychology
Mills College