* 1. How Often do you Purchase Baha'i Books?

* 2. Where do you do MOST of your purchases of Baha'i Books?

* 3. With more e-books becoming available, you

* 4. With more music and audio files becoming available for download, you

* 5. Have you ever purchase from Peaceful Pages online (www.peacefulpages.com)?

* 6. Please rate your experience on our website, where 1 is Very Poor and 5 Excellent (Click 0 if you have never visited)

  1 Poor 2 3 4 5 Excellent 0 Never visited
Site Appearance
Ability to find what I was looking for
Ordering process
Availability of products
Overall service
Overall satisfaction with site
Likelihood to recommend to others (1 not likely, 5 very)

* 7. Please rate how important these factors are in choosing where to purchase

  1 Not important 2 3 So-so 4 5 Very Important
Price of Product
Quality of Product
Speed of shipment
Friendliness of service
Sustainable Practices
Free Shipping
Investment in social causes
Convenient location
Collaboration with foreign initiatives
Collaboration with local artists/craftspeople/service providers

* 8. We are considering a website upgrade. Please help prioritize improvements. How important are options for you to continue (or begin) purchasing from Peaceful Pages?

  1 Not important 2 3 So-So 4 5 Very important
More regular Blog entries
More accurate inventory tracking on website
Mobile friendly website
Option to access individual account and track purchases
Expanded shipping options (like local pick up)
More stories and community news/learning
Option to upload local photos and interactivity with site
Option to add reviews on products
Ability to download e-books or text files
Ability to download audio files

* 9. Any final comments you'd like to share? If we may contact you with more questions please provide your email address.