1. Did you have enough help and support from MAH staff?

2. Did you feel you had enough space for your activity?

3. Did this event benefit your organization, business or you as a poet or artist?

4. Would you participate in another Poetry and Book Arts Event next year?

5. Did you make new contacts, meet new friends, meet new artists or make new connections through this event that you had not previously made?

6. Do you feel satisfied with the number of visitors at this event?

7. What did you like the most about being part of this event? What did you like the least?

8. Did you attend the initial group brainstorming meeting for the event? If so, was this helpful?

9. Did you feel the event was adequately advertised? Are there any community calendars or media sources you did not see this in and would have liked to?

10. How would you like us to change/improve this event for next year?