Ready to make a difference?
We sincerely appreciate your desire to join the American Red Cross. Our goal is the recruitment of talented and high-performing individuals and we are committed to having the right people in the right place at the right time.

Before you begin.

Please note that in New York City, we do not offer volunteer opportunities in biomedical (blood drive/phlebotomy), nursing or advanced medical care.

About the application process.
The application process for New York City is composed of two easy-to-complete components; this Applicant Questionnaire which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and the registration process required to attend a live orientation. Please make sure you have enough time to finish this process in one sitting. (Total completion time: 30 minutes)

IMPORTANT: Once this questionnaire is complete, you will be automatically redirected to our Eventbrite page where you can select from a series of fun Orientation dates.

Please note: This application process is for individual adults over the age of 18. If you belong to a Community or Faith-Based group and would like to volunteer in partnership with the American Red Cross, do not fill out this application; instead view our Group Volunteer page. If you are inquiring about an internship, do not complete this application, instead view our internship page.

All answers must be provided in English.

13% of survey complete.