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1. Please rate CAREER EXPO XXX overall.

2. Are you planning to attend CAREER EXPO next year?

3. Did you find the resume workshop helpful?

4. 4. Did you submit your resume for the searchable online resume database?

5. What were your reason(s) for attending the CAREER EXPO Open House (check all that apply)?

6. Based on your answer to Question 5, did you feel you achieved your goal in attending the event?

7. How would you rate the student registration process for the CAREER EXPO Open House?

8. Was the time frame from 5:30 pm to 8:30pm for the CAREER EXPO Open House adequate?

9. How many companies did you visit during the CAREER EXPO Open House?

10. Did you interview with any companies on interview day?

11. Please rate the new interview venue (Spartan Stadium):

12. During the CAREER EXPO Open House, booths were located together by industry segment. Should this be done again next year?

13. Were the employer representatives able to answer your questions?

14. Which employers/companies were you most impressed with? Why?

15. Which companies were you least impressed with? Why?

16. Please rank the top three types of companies you would like to see at CAREER EXPO in the future:

17. Did you attend any Professional Development Seminars?

18. How many Professional Development Seminars did you attend?

19. Why did you attend Professional Development Seminars? (check all that apply)

20. What is your major?

21. Are you currently a...

22. Suggestions for a more effective CAREER EXPO:

23. Any further comments: