1. Introduction

Please complete one survey for each driver.

We at the Parking & Transportation Department are committed to providing the University community with exceptional service. We encourage your comments and suggestions in helping us achieve this goal.

Please take a few minutes to fill out and submit this form. Your feedback will be carefully reviewed in order to assess our service and make improvements.

* 1. Which driver do you normally ride with?

  Vic Lowe Natasha Melody Terry Nate Linda Stephen Les Sadegh Selena Lavette Venice Pam Tracy William Vernon Cederic Rodney
Route #15 - Ridley Stadium 7:30AM - 10:00PM
Route #6 Compass M-F 6:00AM - 12:00AM
Route #15 - Ridley Stadium (Weekends) 9:00PM - 5:00PM
Route #6 Compass Weekends 9:00AM - 12:00AM

* 2. How many times per week do you ride a shuttle?

* 3. Please rate our service.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
Helpfulness & Courtesy of Bus Operators
Helpfulness & Courtesy of Maintenance Staff
Helpfulness & Courtesy of Office Staff
SAFETY: Driving Skills of Shuttle Operator
Operator Utilizes Defensive Driving
Shuttle Bus
TIMELINESS: Of the Shuttle Services
Of Responding to Concerns
SECURITY: While on the Shuttle Bus
While at Shuttle Stop Locations
CONVENIENCE OF: Shuttle Routes
Shuttle Stops
Overall, how would you rate: The Shuttle Service
The Shuttle Stops