Learn more about your Marcom Effectiveness ... and how to improve it.

Take this 10-minute, 22 question assessment and gain insight into your Marcom Effectiveness and where to focus for improved results.

When you complete this Marcom assessment, if you choose to, you can receive your Marcom Effectiveness Report (via email and usually within 48 hours) covering the following:
    1) Overall rating of your company’s Marcom effectiveness
    2) A comparison of your scores relative to industry norms
    3) Specific steps to improve your Marcom effectiveness

What Is the Cost for This Assessment?
Taking the Assessment is actually free. (We think you should at least see the questions we ask before you decide to invest in getting a report.) Your report covering the areas discussed above is $197. Assuming you want the report, you will be asked to pay for it after you complete the Assessment.

Information Security/Confidence
All responses, names, and participation are strictly confidential between you Customer Manufacturing Group, Inc. Your specific responses will be kept strictly confidential and your company results are only reported back to you. We may choose to use your reponses in a benchmark database: we will not ask for sensitive or proprietary information and all of your responses will be held in strict confidence (neither your or your company’s name will ever be revealed). Once you complete this assessment, there are no further obligations.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@customermfg.com or call us at 408.987.0140.

Getting Value From This Assessment
To get the most value from this Assessment, just be brutally honest with your answers.

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