* 1. Tell us about yourself.

* 2. What device are you using to view the site?

* 3. How likely will you be to visit the site on a mobile device?

* 4. Which of the following strikes you most about the new site? (Check all that Apply)

* 5. How did you find the signup process?

* 6. Did you register using one of your social accounts?

7. If you answered yes to #6, which account?

8. If you answered yes to #6, how was your experience?

* 9. What was the load time for pages in general:

10. If you found any pages particularly sluggish or unresponsive, please list the pages (with a URL if possible).

* 11. How interested are you in receiving updates from THE DOORS?

* 12. Which ways do you follow THE DOORS? (Check all that Apply)

* 13. How likely would you be to purchase new Doors audio projects? (i.e Remixed, Unreleased, Live Shows)

* 14. Where would you purchase new Doors projects? (Check all that Apply)

* 15. How likely would you be to share content you find engaging (articles, photos, video, audio, etc.) on social sites?

* 16. Where would you share? (Check all that Apply)

* 17. What is you favorite thing about the new Official Site for The Doors?

18. What website feature would encourage you to return to our website regularly?

19. Please let us know anything else that you think would be beneficial.

Thanks for taking time to fill out this survey. Your input is incredibly important to us.

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