1. Which category below includes your age and what is your gender?

  Male Female
65 or over

2. Do you use cycling as your main type of transport?

3. On average, how many hours per week do you cycle?

4. If you cycle as your main mode of transport, how many years have you been doing so? (the answer must be a continuous period up to the date this survey it taken).

Cycling positions

Cycling positions

5. looking at the picture above, which position is representative of the position you assume on the bicycle you use the most?

6. What material is the frame of the bicycle you cycle the most made of, and does it have a degree of shock absorption?

  no suspension fork suspension seat post suspension
Carbon fiber
don't know

7. How would you rate the road surfaces you mostly ride on?

  exclusively often Seldom Never
Smooth tarmacked
Uneven tarmacked (minor defects )
Uneven tarmacked (major defects: pots holes, road sinking...)
Cobbled road or equivalent
Unsurfaced smooth
Unsurfaced uneven

8. Which of the following have you experienced as a consequence of cycling, and to what degree? Enter all that apply.

  during cycling after cycling discomfort temporary pains prolonged pain (up to a few days after the event) permanent pain had to be addressed by a medical professional
Hand/arm numbness
White fingers
Trapped nerves - hand/arm
Trapped nerves - legs
Elbow pain
Knees pain
Upper back pain
Lower back pain
Headache pain

9. Which of the following do you think was/is the cause of your discomfort/pain? Enter all that apply.