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Please take a brief moment to take our short, 6-question questionnaire. Your answers are anonymous and very helpful in gauging the success of our program. Your answers help us maintain our standards of excellence within the Anthropology Program at WWU. Thank you again.

* 1. Are you a transfer student?

* 2. Did you complete an Associates Degree?

* 3. What is your Concentration/Degree?

* 4. Year WWU degree awarded?

* 5. If you received any minors, please list here.

* 6. On a scale of 1 - 10, please rate the following:

  Low High
How would you rate access of anthropology faculty for student advising?
Overall, how satisfied are you with your training in your respective degree program?
How would you rate access to data needed to carry out your assignments?
How would you rate the learning experience gained from class assignments?
How useful are the class assignments to the improvement of knowledge-based skills?
How successful did you feel the program is at preparing you for a future in your chosen discipline?
How likely are you to continue your education by applying to graduate school?
How well do you feel the program prepared you for applying to graduate school?
How well does Wilson Library fulfuill your data gathering needs?
There were opportunities offered to me to establish relationships with local community organizations in order to gain field experience.
I had the opportunity to gain laboratory skills (if applicable).
I gained experience with public speaking and presentations.