I am a mum of two and while training to be a coach I received some coaching myself which helped me with issues I was having in finding the work/time with children balance. Coaching is essentially a chance to talk about any issues you are having, be listened to, and then through a questioning process you are helped to consider your options and best course of action.

In thinking that the same process may help others, I am considering setting up a short course for mums who are either going back to work or back at work and juggling work and childcare. It would probably involve a set of 4 sessions involving group coaching and brushing up on useful skills for the workplace. The same group would attend all 4 and would benefit from supporting each other (under my supervision), hearing about how others are resolving their issues, and potentially making contacts that last beyond the sessions.

I would appreciate your comments below (6 short questions) to help me decide whether this is something useful for people! Many thanks.

1. Which of these best describes your current situation?

2. How much need do you feel there is in your local area for a group to support mums going back to work/juggling work and childcare, including some coaching and skills?

3. What kind of subjects do you think should be covered in the 'skills' part of the session? (tick all that apply)

4. When do you think is the best time for these sessions to be held?

5. How much do you think should be the maximum charged for this course (4 sessions covering group coaching and skills)?

6. Please use the space below to add any comments you may have about this kind of a group being set up. If you wish to receive any information about the course once it has been set up, please leave me your email address.