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13NTC - Failure is Not A F Word

Join us for the first ever NTC Fail Fest and share your story! You’ll hear a lot of F words flailing in this highly interactive session – fearless, frameworks, fundamentals, forgiveness, forward-looking, and most importantly FUN! Through lively sharing and discussion we will dive into the art of failing informatively. In environments where experimenting, testing, learning and correcting is encouraged, even just a small tweak to a failed project can produce dramatically different results - as long as quitting isn’t an option. Discover new tactics to create a healthy organizational environment where the stigma attached to failure is removed. Learn reflection techniques you can apply to develop a formal after-action review. Hear others share their failure and if you feel so inclined, share your story of failure and reflection with the community. Not participating would be utter failure.

1. Tell me your ..

2. Why do you want to talk about failure and nonprofits at the next NTC? Tell me your point of view, include links to articles by you or others.

3. What is your nonprofit tech fail story?

4. Why did it happen?

5. What did you learn?