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1. Please list your major and class year.

2. What form of transportation do you use most often to get around on campus?

3. How often do you recycle?

  Always Sometimes Never
Plastic Bottles

4. How often do you ride a bike or rent an iBike?

5. How often do you engage in the following sustainable behaviors?

  Always Sometimes Never
Use a Water Bottle (Sigg, Nalgene etc.)
Unplug electronics when not in use
Print double sided
Air dry laundry

6. Cotter Union, Diamond, and three additional buildings on campus have all been awarded LEED certifications. Do you know what this certification entails?

7. Could you explain what carbon neutrality is, and how Colby is attempting to achieve this?

8. Please rate the following sustainability initiatives on campus in terms of efficacy and visibility (with one being the best, six the lowest)

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Green Graduation
Earth Day
The New Biomass Plant
Green Orientation
The President's Climate Commitment

9. Can you name two features on this campus that are "sustainable"?

10. Are you satisfied with sustainability efforts at Colby?