SID Academic-Industry Partnership Project

The Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID) plays a central role in the global community of investigation focused on basic, translational and clinical research of skin and skin diseases. This project is designed to facilitate partnerships between SID members from Industry and Academic institutions throughout the world. This process will allow participants to identify and pursue partnership opportunities between those members whose interests are aligned.

A specific aim of the SID project is to bring together the unique and innovative methods and technologies developed by SID members in academic institutions with interested members from industry and biotechnology with the goal of advancing the understanding of skin biology, mechanisms of skin diseases and ultimately, improved treatments.
Registering in this database will ensure you receive up-to-date information on the Project, and be given the opportunity to select the abstracts flagged by investigators to participate in the individualized meetings.

The concept debuted with a pilot program during the IID Meeting in Edinburgh. Industry participants submitted keywords and were given a list of abstracts submitted by investigators willing to be reviewed and potentially selected for 15 minute meetings ('speed-dating'). Its U.S. debut took place during the SID 2014 Annual Meeting in Albuquerque.

A full Academic-Industry session and individualized appointments is scheduled for Thursday, May 7th at the SID 2015 annual meeting in Atlanta.

Note: All meetings between interested Academic and Industry partners will be set up by the SID office in advance of the meeting.

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The program is scheduled for Thursday, May 7, from Noon - 2:00pm, in Atlanta, GA. All meetings will be scheduled in advance of the program by SID staff.

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