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1. Have you hired any Southwest students/graduates in the last 5 years?

2. Please list their job titles, approximate salary and indicate PT for part time or FT for full time.

3. How do you rate the student's/graduate's EDUCATIONAL PREPARATION for their particular job?

4. Choose current overall PERFORMANCE LEVEL of students/graduates.

5. Please rate the performance of Southwest students/graduates in each key area below:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Communication skills
Problem-solving skills
Technical skills
Ability to work with others
Work ethic

6. What additional skills do you wish the students/graduates to possess?

7. What majors do you primarily seek to hire? (Please check ALL that apply.)

8. What is your overall assessment of the Career Services Center at Southwest?

9. How can the Career Services staff assist you further with your hiring needs?

  Yes No
Posting positions
Career Fairs
Cooperative Education or Paid Internships
On-campus recruiting

10. What is the #1 reason you hire Southwest students/graduates.