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Assessment Survey

Hello All,

As we move forward with our Health Literacy Community of Interest, I would like to get an assessment of where everyone is on the metaphorical Health Literacy page. I would also like to get an idea of the types of resources and support that might interest you.

I would appreciate if you could fill out the attached short survey.


Caroline Marshall
Health Literacy COI

1. Library (optional)

2. How many staff?

3. Are you currently planning/managing or involved in a health literacy project in your institution or community?

4. If no, why not?

5. Are there any specific obstacles you face in your organization in implementing a Health Literacy Program?

6. What do you hope to learn from the Health Literacy Community of Interest?

7. Are you familiar with the National Action Plan for Health Literacy?

8. Have you created any programs at your institution/community in support of the goals of the plan?

9. Are you familiar with the Universal Precautions Toolkit?

10. Have you implemented any programs at your institution /community that use the tools of the Universal Precautions Toolkit