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1. AEW/ Transfer Out Survey

Thank you for taking time to participate in this survey! There are only 12 required questions in this survey and it should take you approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Your feedback is very important to us. We will be carefully reviewing your responses and will use them to make improvements in our programs.

* 1. What's your student type?

* 2. Where is your home country?

* 3. Who introduced you to PLU?

* 4. When was your first semester/term at PLU?

* 5. When was your last semester/term at PLU?

* 6. What subjects were you interested in studying at PLU?

* 7. Were you involved in any clubs or organizations on campus? If yes, please list them below. If no, please write N/A.

* 8. Please highlight at least 3 aspects that you like about PLU.

* 9. Please indicate at least 3 aspects that you do not like about PLU.

* 10. Please tell us main reasons why you are leaving PLU. If your answers are same as your answers on Q9, please write, same as above.

* 11. If your concerns listed on Q9 and Q10 are addressed, would you consider returning to PLU?

12. Could ISS have done anything to prevent you from leaving PLU? If so, please suggest below.

* 13. What is your plan after leaving PLU?

14. If you do not mind, please enter your name below.