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1. Lummi Library Survey 2013

1. Do you use the Lummi Library?

2. If no, what would encourage you to use the library?

3. Do you use other local libraries?

4. What use do you make of the library? Check all that apply.

5. How satisfied are you with your library experience?

  Always Usually Sometimes Never N/A
With the materials in the library
With the library staff
With the library building
With the webpage
With the online databases

6. The library is currently open 8 AM-7 PM M-Th, 8 AM-5 PM F, 10 AM-6 PM Sunday. Do these hours meet your needs?

7. If no, which would be of more use to you?

8. What else could the library do to meet your needs?

9. What is your primary affiliation?

10. Do you have other comments for the library?