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1. Peralta Faculty Survey Questions

Your input on how our web sites can best meet the needs of the Peralta Faculty is vital. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey which will help us understand how to design new, improved web sites that best serve you as a Peralta faculty member and the needs of our students. Thank you.

1. What do you feel the main purpose of the college websites should be?

2. How do the current sites support this purpose and how could this be improved?

3. Do you currently use your Peralta web-space?

4. Why or why not?

5. Do you have your own site or web space that is not connected to the Peralta sites?

6. If you do have your own site or web space and are willing to share it with us, please enter the URL so we can look at it:

7. At which college(s) do you teach?

8. Which college website is your favorite and why?

9. Do you often refer your students to the Peralta website?

10. If given a set of user friendly tools, how would you utilize your personal web space on the Peralta site?

11. What kind of information might you like to publish on the site?

12. Would you like to be able to provide an online discussion forum for each of your classes?

13. Would you be interested in posting multimedia such as video or podcasts of your lectures on the website?

14. Do you have any other feature requests that you would like us to consider?

15. Would you be willing to spend an afternoon doing some beta testing of the new features?

16. Optional Contact information: (Name, email, phone)