The Los Angeles County Bar Association Judicial Elections Evaluation Committee (JEEC) evaluates candidates in contested elections for Superior Court judgeships in the June Primary. The evaluations are released to the public through the media to inform the electorate about the Bar’s views of the candidates’ qualifications. We ask you to help us evaluate this candidate. Your thoughtful assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Please evaluate each candidate as an individual and not as compared with any other candidate for the same or any other office. The names of persons supplying information will not be revealed to the candidate and will not be revealed even to the committee unless authorized.

Your comments and observations at the end of the questionnaire would be especially helpful. Please be sure to check an answer as to whether your name may be revealed to the committee.

If you wish to expand on your comments, please call 213-896-6407 or email to receive the phone number for the appropriate subcommittee chair. We urge you to call if you are well acquainted with the candidate professionally or if you have particularly positive or negative comments.
Candidate PAMALA F. MATSUMOTO for Los Angeles Superior Court

* 1. Your relationship with the candidate (must identify if you are or were related to the candidate by blood or marriage at any time or if you are a personal friend)

* 2. Years Known

* 3. Evaluation Based on:

4. Last Date of Professional Contact