1. Chicago Favorites

What do you love best about Chicago? Which places, experiences, things to do, restaurants to eat in, "only-in-Chicago" experiences, sports teams, and more make up YOUR favorite things about this great city?

Thank you very much for your time. This survey should take 5-15 minutes to complete.

1. Which events/festivals do you participate in/attend frequently? Check as many as apply.

2. Everybody loves a parade! Which one(s) do you love?

3. Which major league/minor league sports teams do you support?

* 4. Playing tourist

Friends or family come to town, or ask your advice about top "must-see" attractions in the city. Where are you most likely to take them or send them to see, appropriate season permitting of course? (choose 3-5)

5. What are your favorite theaters, theater groups, and musical venues in town?

6. Chicago is known for its pizza. If you could only go to ONE pizzeria in town, where would you go?

7. Favorite restaurant(s)?

8. Favorite local store(s) or shopping area(s)?

9. Favorite things to do in the city that have not been listed in any of the above questions? (up to 10 suggestions)

10. "The secret life of Chicago" - let's say you have some friends who move to town, and they want suggestions for the "real" Chicago - that is, off the beaten tourist tracks, the stuff that is really worth the time to hunt out and experience/explore/etc. This can be anything - events, tours, sculptures, you name it! What/where do you recommend? (can enter up to 10 items)