Implied Consent Form for Class Project in
Honors Research Methods the Pennsylvania State University
Psych 300H, Fall 2011

Title of Project: Attitudes towards Same Sex Parents

Principal Investigator:
Michelle Karth
Melinda Karth
Stephanie Tarle
Michael DePaul

Honors Students
Department of Psychology

Instructor: Theresa Vescio, Ph.D

416 Moore Building
(814) 863-1714

1. Purpose of the Study: This is a research project for class. This research has not been approved by the University Office of Research Protections and, therefore, the findings of this research will not be published or presented in any context except the course noted above. The goal of this project is to provide instruction in how to construct a scale and analyze data. To do the class project we need help from friends.

2. Procedures to be followed: You will complete a survey assessing your attitudes toward various social issues and/or social groups.

3. Duration/Time: This study should take no more than 20 minutes of your time.

4. Statement of Confidentiality: Your participation in this research is confidential. The survey does not ask for any information that would link your identity to your responses.

5. Right to Ask Questions: Please contact Michelle Karth (, Melinda Karth (, Stephanie Tarle (, Michael DePaul (, or Dr. Vescio ( with questions or concerns about this study.

6. Payment for participation: You will receive no compensation for your participation. Your participation is voluntary and we sincerely thank you for helping us with our course project.

7. Voluntary Participation: Your decision to be in this research is voluntary. You can stop at any time.

You must be 18 years of age or older to take part in this research study.

Completion and return of the survey implies that you have read the information in this form and consent to take part in the research. Please keep this form for your records or future reference.