"Special Education: A Right Not a Favor" (RNF) was printed with funds generously provided by the Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities (ACDD).

Please let ADAP and the ACDD know what you think of the manual. Your ideas will help us develop future materials.

Thank you!

* 1. RNF respectfully addresses the special education needs of children with disabilities.

* 2. RNF has helped me better understand my child's rights to special education services.

* 3. RNF has helped me a better advocate for my child.

* 4. My child's special education services will be improved because of RNF.

* 5. I would recommend RNF to other families of children with disabilities.

* 6. In the next edition of RNF, I would like to see:

* 7. Which category best describes you (pick one)?