Thank you for your interest in the INSTRUMENT 1 Beta Test Program. We will be delivering pre-production units to a hand-picked group of early adopters on a rolling basis.

For artists this is an opportunity to explore and experiment with a new technology before it is on the market. For us, it is a chance to gain deeper understanding of how musicians incorporate the INSTRUMENT 1 into their process, and to refine the technology as we approach pre-orders in 2014. If you think this is for you, please fill out the survey below.

Feel free to get in touch if you have further questions or comments:

* 1. Do you own an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, or iPod with Lightning connector?

* 2. Are you currently using an iOS device for making music or recording?

* 3. What instrument or instruments do you play most often? (computers are instruments, too)

* 4. Do you perform live shows?

* 5. How would you describe your level of proficiency in playing music? (just starting out, professional, etc.)

* 6. For how many years have you played musical instruments?

* 7. Are you...

* 8. If you are using iOS apps for music, which are you using?

* 9. We are looking for beta testers who will use the INSTRUMENT 1 in diverse ways. Describe three things you can imagine doing with the INSTRUMENT 1. (For example: using it live with a looping pedal, using it to control your Ableton rig, using it to multi-track for arranging or songwriting.) The more specific the better.

* 10. Do you go on tour (as a solo artist or with a band)?

* 11. Is your music-making affiliated with any kind of academic institution? (are you a music student, teacher, program administrator, etc?)

* 12. Do you post your music online where we can hear it? (YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.)

* 13. Do you plan to use the INSTRUMENT 1 to control DJ software like Ableton or Traktor?

33% of survey complete.