Share a Defining Moment from Your Training

In general, we remember with stories. The lessons we recall with ease usually highlight the context in which the lesson was learned - meaning, its story. And this is what makes the "Residency Horror Stories" so awesome.

The Residency Horror Stories shared in the RookieDoc community allow all of us to "put ourselves in someone else's shoes", to feel what they felt, and to learn what they learned. So, to all of you who submitted stories (which happens to be most of you)... Thank You.

To the rest of you,... well, this is your opportunity to share such a defining moment (or a "horror story") from your training with the rest of us in your RookieDoc community. I might make use of your story in one of several ways... in a FAQ call-in conference, on the blog (, or in a video.

In every case, I will change the names involved and alter some details to avoid identifying any person or place involved.

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* 1. Enter the key aspects of a defining moment or horror story from your training. (It can be from any point in your training from the clinical years of medical school, through your residency and/or fellowship. Include details, but do not include identifying information.)

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* 2. What are some of the lessons you learned from this experience?

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