1. Welcome to the Survey

About the Global Europeans project
The Global Europeans project focuses on the experience of European individuals and families that have moved for a limited period, to culturally and environmentally challenging regions of the world, in conjunction with secondment. The project brings to light the significance of individual, socio-societal, organizational, national and surpa-national forces that come into play when this move is made.

The findings from this questionnaire will be summarized in a report and distributed to participating organizations. The results of the entire project will contribute to the broader international research project involving a multitude of researchers and research institutes in Europe, The Future of Work and Wellbeing 2008-2011, funded by the primary funding agency in Finland for scientific research, the Academy of Finland (see www.aka.fi/work).

About the questionnaire
This questionnaire is being completed by Danish, German, British and Finnish multinational enterprises with operations in one or more of the emerging economies, China or India, in order to gain an insight into the organizational focus on the welfare and wellbeing of employees who are seconded to more challenging parts of the world.

Depending on the information you have at hand and the number of countries to which you second employees, the questionnaire should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. If you choose to start and return to the questionnaire at a later time remember to save the page you have completed.

You will be asked general questions pertaining to the following:
- Company details including total volume of employees, the total number and organizational level of expatriates
- The profile of the candidates for secondment
- The organizational focus on expatriate wellbeing in general, and regarding secondees
- The expatriation process and the content of relocation package

In the latter stages, you will be asked to provide further information for the situation of employees and their dependents in the individual countries (China and India), and on the last page you will have the opportunity to add additional comments, provide contact information and make further requests.

TO SECOND refers to the sending of an employee abroad for a temporary work assignment
SECONDMENT refers to the temporary, work-related assignment abroad
DEPENDENTS refers to a spouse, and/or a partner, and/or a child/children
PARTNER refers to the person with whom the individual is in a relationship (be that a spouse, registered partner OR boyfriend/girlfriend)

Please note:
- In multiple choice questions, a SQUARE indicates that you can choose more than one answer, a CIRCLE indicates that you can only choose one answer
- When there is a larger box for extra information or comments, the space for writing a response is UNLIMITED regardless of the size of the box.