Do you have some wildly creative kiddos in your community that can benefit from Art Feeds? We are so excited you are here!

Art Feeds is expanding into new communities across the U.S., and the next one could be yours. We have created online programs and systems to lend Chapters and Educators the support they need to best reach their students. As an Art Feeds Chapter, you will join an elite group of driven and passionate individuals that believe in creating a future of expression, creativity, and innovation through children- who we believe are the most valuable members of society.

This application acts as the first step in the "getting to know you" process. Your application will be reviewed, followed by an email to further discuss your vision for your community and what Art Feeds can offer. This application will be reviewed within one week of submission. If you choose to move forward to the next step in the application process, there will be a $200 application fee and additional materials required. We will work with you, travel to your community, aid in outreach to establish community support and study your community's needs. Art Feeds programming is innovative, consistent, and sustainable for the long term. We welcome all serious applicants working to make a long term impact on the community.

Our focus is school based programs and children's organizations. In education and organizations you will be expected to conduct weekly or bi-weekly Art Feeds therapeutic art and creative education lessons. Art Feeds Chapters are deeply integrated into the community, we look for communities that will help an Art Feeds Chapter thrive. Art Feeds programs provide mobile and all inclusive programs to reach students where they are, regardless of their diverse needs and backgrounds. We are "for the kids", because we dream of an inspired future, we put the key players at the forefront.

This first round application helps us get to know you and helps you understand what the process of bringing a Chapter to your community will be like. Next steps involve the application fee and development process. Please fill out this application to the best of your ability.

We are so excited for your passion and drive to bring therapeutic art and creative education to your community! Together, we will create inspired future fed by creative and expressive children that are powerful beyond measure.

* 1. Full Name:

* 2. Address:

* 3. Phone number:

* 4. Email address:

* 5. Community you wish to bring an Art Feeds Chapter to (Town, State):

* 6. Population:

* 7. Why do you believe Art Feeds programs will be beneficial in your community?

* 8. What demographic do you wish to serve? (Art Feeds programs focus on partnerships with Elementary Schools and children's organizations)

* 9. Art Feeds programs work to have a 4:1 student to Educator ratio in weekly programs. Where will you recruit volunteers and Educators to sustain the programs?

* 10. What is your education? What jobs/experiences have you had to prepare you to operate an Art Feeds Chapter?

* 11. Please describe the philanthropic community in your area. (Foundations, fundraisers, events, etc.)

* 12. How many children do you plan to have in Art Feeds programs weekly?

* 13. What are your existing or potential connections with schools and teachers as well as children's organizations in your community?

* 14. Identify other arts, mental wellness and children's organizations in your city. What do they already provide? How will an Art Feeds Chapter provide a unique need? Are you open to collaboration? Are they?

* 15. How do you plan to sustain Art Feeds programs through both volunteers and finances?

* 16. Please list potential Board Members for your Art Feeds Chapter:

* 17. Please list organizations and businesses that could be potential partners for the Art Feeds Chapter you hope to bring to your area (for funding and outreach)

* 18. Please list any other comments or questions you have here:

This application is a collection of information for Art Feeds, you will be contacted within one week of submission. By filling out this application, you are not guaranteed to move forward in the process. You will be contacted with additional questioning, interviews and assessment of your area to see if Art Feeds is the right fit for your community. If you are invited to the next step of the process, there will be a $200 application fee for program development, research and community outreach in your area. If you have any questions, please email Thank you for having the moxie to bring Art Feeds programs to your community feed creative development and facilitate emotional expression in children nationwide!