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Leadership Program Assessment

This is a twelve question survey from the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at the Morehouse School of Medicine. These questions are intended for Students, Resident Physicians, Non-Physician Healthcare Leaders, Healthcare Executives, Practicing Physicians, and Physician Administrators.

* 1. Please pick the category that best describes you.

* 2. In which of the following areas do you believe you lack adequate knowledge or skills to provide sustainable services to the underserved community? (Check all that apply)

* 3. Do you currently provide care or intend to provide care for uninsured patients?

* 4. Do you accept or intend to accept Medicaid in the practice in which you work?

* 5. Do you accept or intend to accept Medicare in your practice?

* 6. Are you or do you intend to be a Primary Care Provider?

* 7. In what type of geographic area do you work or plan to work?

* 8. Please rate the obstacles that discourage Healthcare Professionals from working with underserved communities?

  minor obstacle major obstacle N/A
Salary & Lifestyle
Support Services for Patients
Insurance Reimbursement
Public/Private Funding
Not comfortable with the culture of lower income patients

9. What is the biggest incentive for working with the underserved community? (Please type in your answer of 200 characters or less.)

10. What is the major reason that you have decided not to work in the underserved community? (Please only answer if you do not plan to work with the underserved.)

11. Would you consider working in an underserved community if you could acquire the skills needed to maintain a sustainable practice?

* 12. Would you consider enrolling in a Leadership Program at the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at the Morehouse School of Medicine that is designed to teach professionals the skills to sustain successful practices in underserved communities?