1. Feedback Survey: Self-paced learner (No facilitation)

Intel(R) Teach Elements: Collaboration in the Digital Classroom Course includes five modules of interactive e-learning lessons with additional Your Turn activities to apply the learning in an action plan for project-based learning in your classroom.

1. How did you access this online course?

2. If you did not take the course on CD or from an Intel website, from which website did you access the course?

3. How many modules and lessons of the Collaboration in the Digital Classroom course did you complete?

4. Did you find the e-learning course useful?

* 5. How useful was each of the following components of the training in helping you learn how to apply ICT integration and project-based learning?

  Not useful Somewhat useful Moderately useful Very useful
Module 1: Collaborative Classrooms
Module 2: Framework for Digital Collaboration
Module 3: Tools of Collaboration
Module 4: Collaboration Strategies
Module 5: Collaborative Classroom Management

6. How many of the Your Turn action plan activities did you complete?

7. Did you find the Your Turn action plan activities useful?

8. Did the level of detail meet your needs?

* 9. Will the ideas and skills you learned from the Intel Teach Elements - Collaboration in the Digital Classroom Course training help you effectively plan, develop, and manage collaboration activities that integrate online collaborative tools?

10. How comfortable are you in implementing the strategies and methods discussed in the Collaboration in the Digital Classroom Course?

11. Are you located in Malaysia?

12. Under what category do you belong to?

* 13. How many years of teaching experience do you have?

14. What subjects do you teach mainly at present?

15. In your school where do you have access to computers?

16. How many computers are in your classroom?

17. How easy or difficult is it to schedule time in the computer lab/media center?

18. Would you recommend this course to a friend or colleague?

19. What was successful for this format?

20. What were the challenges with this format?

21. What suggestions for improvement do you have?

22. What other topics would you like to see covered in a course like this?

* 23. Would you like to be contacted when future Elements courses become available?

Thank you for your time and valuable feedback.