1. The International Coastal Atlas Network User Survey

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The International Coastal Atlas Network User Survey
About ICAN
The International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN) is a newly-founded, informal group of NGOs, educational institutions, and federal organizations whose goal is to scope and implement data interoperability approaches to coastal web atlases (CWAs). The mission/strategic aim of ICAN is to share experiences to find common solutions to CWA development. The ICAN group is working to deliver user and developer guidelines, handbooks, articles on best practices, information on standards, and technical support to the wider CWA community. The ICAN group strives to increase awareness of the opportunities that exist for increased coastal and marine data sharing among policy makers and resource managers as strategic users of a CWA. ICAN participants seek to play a leadership role in forging international collaborations of value to the participating nations, thereby optimizing regional governance in coastal zone management.

About the Survey
To better understand users’ interactions with CWA’s, ICAN has developed a Coastal Web Atlas User Survey. The survey is intended to collect vital information from the user community regarding the value and utility of CWAs currently available. The survey queries the CWA user community on their personal experiences with digital atlases within their state or region of interest. What works? What doesn’t? What’s needed? ICAN hopes to gain a perspective from which to prepare specific recommendations for CWA development. The results should continue to encourage and enhance the future development of CWAs around the globe.