Thank you for attending the 2012 School Psychology Futures Conference session on “Leadership by School Psychologists.” We appreciate your Feedback.

1. I viewed the Leadership session

2. Did you attend the Leadership session as an individual or in a group

3. The following learning objective from KEYNOTE presentation by ROB HORNER was achieved: Attendees will define (a) three major themes influencing the role of school psychologists: "Multi-tiered systems, evidence-based practices, and implementation science and (b) the central influence of school psychologists in implementation of SWPBIS."

4. The following learning objective from the FEATURED presentation by JANE CLOSE CONOLEY was achieved: "Attendees will learn key process skills and content targets that facilitate school psychologists' leadership roles in developing school-wide systems of effective instruction and academic supports for all students."

5. The following learning objective from PANEL PRESENTATION by TOM KNIGHT was achieved: "Attendees will gain an understanding of how school psychologists can become leaders in the development of an RTII process."

6. The following learning objective from PANEL PRESENTATION by BRENDA KABLER was achieved: "Attendees will recognize that their skills are critical when educational problems and issues are addressed within the school and at the district level."

7. The following learning objective from PANEL PRESENTATION by RHONDA ARMISTEAD was achieved: "Attendees will learn about the basic resources for creating parent clinics and the positive results that are perceived by parents and school psychologists."

8. The speakers’ PowerPoints were helpful.

9. The Question and Answer sessions were helpful.

10. The leadership session was well organized

11. I was satisfied with the Leadership session

12. I would characterized the experience accessing the Leadership session

13. The audio quality was

14. The video quality was

15. Please provide your additional feedback and suggestions to improve future sessions