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Welcome to the new Internet Video Distribution survey, from the Telco 2.0 Initiative. It’s supported by the TM Forum, TelecomTV, the Mobile Entertainment Forum, and TVOverNet.

It forms part of a major investigation into new business models for content distribution (details here).We recommend you read this important context information before starting the survey.

The survey itself focuses on ten core questions around: future consumer usage patterns, distribution methods, revenue trends and regulatory environments related to the value chain for internet video distribution over the next 5 years. The survey is segmented by geography.

By ‘internet video distribution’ we mean: any video material (movies, TV, infotainment, sports, UCG) distributed via internet technologies (IPTV, web streaming or P2P downloading) over any bearer (fixed or mobile broadband networks) to any device (PC, TV, handheld). We exclude traditional broadcasting & physical means of distribution, although the consequences of internet video distribution on traditional forms of distribution are discussed.

By ‘the value chain’ we mean: content creators, aggregators, distributors, device manufacturers and consumers.


The survey takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete, but you can return to a partially completed survey at any time until the survey closes on 10 October 2008.

All those who properly and fully complete the survey will receive a free set of summary results.

To start with, we need to collect a few details about you so that we can: a) segment the responses effectively, and b) send you a copy of the summary results directly to by email.

NOTE: Your personal details will only be used for statistical analysis and sending you the results. ALL YOUR VOTES AND COMMENTS WILL REMAIN STRICTLY ANONYMOUS. You can contact the organisers here if you have any questions about the survey.

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* 5. What part of the value chain do you primarily focus upon or know most about?

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* 7. In which region do you personally have the most telecom, media and technology sector expertise?

Please answer the rest of the survey from this geographical point of view.