* 1. 5. Are the following products easily available in the market?
Rate on the scale of 5 (with 5 being the highest rating)

  1 2 3 4 5
Maggie Pazzta Masala Flavor
Maggie Pazzta Cheese flavor
Maggie Pazzta Tomato flavor
Sunfeast Pasta Tomato Cheese flavor
Sunfeast Pasta Tangy Tomato flavor

* 2. 6. From where did you come to know about Maggie Pazzta Tomato flavor?

* 3. How is the Taste maker of Maggie Pazzta Tomato flavor?

* 4. Does knowing about the company or the brand create a sense of Brand loyalty in you?

* 5. Do you buy a new eatable product, such as pasta, because of its brand name?

* 6. How do you make a choice for your product from several advertisements that you see?

* 7. Do taglines of a product catch your interest? For example, “Taste bhi, Health bhi”.

* 8. Which thing provokes you to buy the product for the first time?

* 9. Does changing the shape, look or feel of the product makes it more attractive?

* 10. What changes would you recommend for MAGGIE PAZZTA TOMATO FLAVOR to make it more attractive?