1. Your thoughts on our energy future . . .

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Pasadena Water and Power ("PWP"), Pasadena's community-owned utility is gathering community input as we plan for Pasadena's energy future. PWP values the views of the public and appreciates your help! Your responses will help us understand not only your views, but the areas where we need to provide additional public information and transparency.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute.

For more information on PWP's 2014 Integrated Resource Planning Update, please see our webpage at www.pwpweb.com/IRP.

1. Please rank the following in terms of relative importance with respect to your electrical service from PWP, where "1" is the most important and "5" is the least important:

2. Pasadena currently plans to have 40% of its electricity coming from renewable resources like wind, landfill gas, biomethane and solar by 2020. At least 33% by 2020 is required by State law. What do you think Pasadena's renewable resource target should be by 2020?

3. How much extra are you willing to pay on your electric bill for future renewable electricity supplies as this renewable target increases over time? (For more information please click here).

4. Should Pasadena strive to reduce or eliminate its use of coal before existing contracts expire in 2027 (For more information, please click here).

5. Would you be interested in owning a share of a local solar project to supply part or all of your electricity use? (For more information, please click here).

6. Please rate the importance of the following, where 1 means completely unimportant and 7 means extremely important:

  1 - Completely Unimportant 2 3 4 5 6 7 - Extremely Important N/A
Having a personal choice of energy suppliers
Low electric bills
Rebates/incentives for installing energy-saving equipment and upgrades to my home or business
Locally-produced solar power
Ability to choose a 100% renewable energy supply
Competitive electric rates compared to neighboring utilities
Ability to sell electricity to PWP from local solar energy systems
Information on my electric usage and ways to save money on electric bills
Access to information about PWP initiatives, projects and services in print and on the internet
Reducing the environmental impact caused by my use of water and electricity